Fiona – My First Year at Mint

Fiona – My First Year at Mint

Author: Fiona Grimshaw

Spring is approaching thankfully, and in a couple of months I will have been working at MINT for a whole year! Wow, time has certainly flown. Thrown in at the deep end – I certainly wasn’t complaining, within a couple of weeks of starting I found myself at one of our high profile client events, sipping champagne and cocktails whilst watching London turn from day to night from the 32nd floor of The Shard.. what a view!

Where have I come from to join Mint? Well, so far I have enjoyed a 27 year career working a graphic designer and now at senior/creative director level in the design industry, I’m highly qualified in branding, brochures, annual reports. With organisational expertise I’m also experienced in delivering complex projects with large volumes of products, traditional layout and typography on and offline, art direction and project management.

Mint’s office (Leeds) is very near to my home and I now also have a great life/work balance with greater flexibility which I didn’t have before, this I see as an absolute plus, it has proven to be a much better way to work as I now can spend more time concentrating on our fantastic clients and delivering a top class service, but at the same time also having that all important quality time with my family, rather than spending time in traffic jams!

My first year has been really enjoyable, as we continue to build on our varied client base and get involved in more and more exciting projects. I’m really looking forward to seeing what 2019 has to offer!