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Mint Leeds Design Agency – Creating engaging visual communications that build brands, reach target audiences and deliver results

Branding specialists. Creative designers

Being part of an ever evolving graphic design industry since the 80’s, the skill sets and mediums of visual communication we work with have constantly changed, through the emergence of web, online communications and new media. At Mint we continue to base our business on the same foundations and traditional values that we have held throughout. Trusted, always accessible and always responsive to our clients’ needs.

Embracing forward thinking ideas, Mint has forged a national reputation for delivering a fresh and inspiring design service, that isn’t afraid to challenge conventional thinking, has an eye for detail, a passion for design and drive to deliver real commercial value, ‘good design’ and effective solutions for all our clients.

25 years experience of brand development has given us a distinct specialism in this area. We have worked with clients and marketing agencies to create and build new brands, to develop and manage existing brands and to rescue struggling brands.

Listen, understand, create, deliver, assess

Our approach is a straight forward one – listen, understand, create, deliver and measure the results. We believe the most successful solutions are the result of intelligence gathering and understanding, with rigorous thinking upfront; consideration of positioning, trends and the understanding of the environment – and the application of this to develop a clearly defined creative answer to clearly thought out brief.

Our approach to intelligence is driven by our personal and collaborative approach to working with every client. Our clients see us as a close extension of their own team. We maintain consistently high standards of creativity, whilst meeting the defined functionality of the project, on time, on budget.

A full creative service – offline and online 

What sets Mint apart? What can we offer? In today’s modern commercial environment branding, image and visual communication has to deliver a consistent message and end result across a host of offline and online media.

Built from a historic background of delivering traditional print-based marketing and communications; corporate identity, brochure design, exhibition, display and interior design; advertising and information design. We now integrate this with engaging and fully responsive web development; e-commerce solutions, SEO, digital marketing, and App development to help your business embrace and perform in a results driven online environment.

We have an established network of trusted partners, whom we work with to offer; full technical services, award winning high-end video and photographic production; lithographic, digital and large format (signage, display) printing; and also branded promotional goods.

“It’s our aim to provide our clients with well thought out visual answers that affect real commercial gain, whilst delivering the highest standard of service. We like all our clients to feel that we are an extension of their own team and a valuable partner in helping drive their business forward.”

Andrew Hastwell | Managing director at Mint Leeds

Clients often ask us the question – “what is design and how can it benefit my business?” Everything ‘man-made’ that we experience every minute of every day has been ‘designed’, it has been brought to life from an idea, a thought, into something physical, visual and tangible. Good design can improve an environment, trigger an emotion, engage and captivate, but most of all communicate and reach out.

So the benefit of embracing design and appreciating it’s value to a business or project, is that it can create a bridge and help you communicate to a desired audience in the ‘right way’. It can open a door to a market you want to explore, it can give you a strong identity, a trusted face in your market place, enhance a reputation and accelerate growth. These are the tangible benefits to what employing ‘good design’ can bring.

At Mint we have always been driven by the desire to create ‘good design’, to deliver this no matter what, but equally important to make sure that this leads to one very important end – the business benefit to the client and success. This marriage of thought binds every project we work on and creates the founding principal of our business.

Our clients see us as an extension of their own team, they see the benefit that building closer relationships can bring in understanding and delivering solutions with insight and integrity.

“I have a life-long passion for design. With over 23 years creative experience, I bring energy and enthusiasm into every project and an instinctive vision. I love design – I am always researching and keeping tabs on current trends and changes that ever evolving technology brings to design, continually developing my creative approach and client experience.”

Fiona Grimshaw | Creative director at Mint Leeds

At Mint we pride ourselves on being our client’s go to partner for all things creative. This allows us to build consistent and powerful brands that span all the creative disciplines. My own background is diverse, which ideally places me for delivering design solutions across all marketing communications, both traditional print and offline communications and digital and online media.

I have a passion for print, typography and layout. Over my career I have become a recognised magazine and brochure design specialist, working on high profile standout corporate brochures, magazines, annual reports, University prospectuses and large product brochures, that not only require excellent layout and typography skills, but management, organisation, logistics and direction of photography, key attributes for delivering successful solutions time after time.


"Part of our team" - What our clients think

“Mint in Leeds have been fantastic to date and continue to deliver exceptional client service across the full marketing mix. The team is very responsive, highly professional and enthusiastic – I feel they are an extension of our marketing team rather than a third party support. In fact they have delivered above and beyond our expectations. We’ve grown significantly in the past five years and look forward to working with them as our brand continues growing from strength to strength in the future. Our new website has received so much positive feedback and affected the bottom line, and we know this is due to Mint’s input.” (Client comment)

“We have worked with Mint for 17 years. They have played a key role beside us whilst our business grew.” (Client comment)

“…the thing that sets Mint apart is their ability to see and deliver an idea consistently across all our marketing needs, building a strong brand image is key for our business in a highly competitive market.” (Client comment)

“We worked with Mint for the design of a public health report and was impressed with their creativity, professionalism, and care for their clients. Fiona, Mint’s creative director, exceeded our expectations by delivering an impeccable design under a tight deadline, walking us through the various options and showing great commitment to the timeline, brief and needs of the project. Beyond her creativity, what we appreciated most was Fiona’s can-do and problem-solver attitude: whenever a challenge arose, she reassured us that we can work through the problems and find the right solutions. Andrew, Mint’s managing director, also proved what sets Mint apart: respect for their clients, enthusiasm to embark on challenging projects, and the drive to deliver under tight deadlines. We look forward to our next project together!” (Oana Scarlatescu, World Heart Federation)

“…they seem to revel and excel when the pressure in on and the deadline tight…” (Client comment)


“In the 14 years we have worked with Mint they have never once missed a deadline. They feel like part of our team.” (Client comment)

“As a marketing manager there are two things I take from one company I work for to the next – my favourite fountain pen and Mint!” (Client comment)

“Mint designed and built our brand, from our logo to our website, literature and office look and feel. We’re delighted with the quality of everything produced and the helpfulness and professionalism that the Mint Leeds team showed us along the way was exceptional. We always have tough deadlines to meet and often at very short notice and Mint deliver every time no matter how improbable it first appears.” (Client comment)

“High quality work every time, excellent service and we feel Mint are good value for money.” (Client comment)

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